Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Worthy Cause

Check out this organization. I donated to them today.

Nepalese Youth

A wonderful organization that's changing the world one child at a time. We who are so fortunate can spare a little to make the world a better place.


olga said...

Hey, I wish we did live closer, and ponder on all those things you write about. How to become PT when they want you to have become one ahead of tiem. On overbearing parents. On getting out of unfulfilling job and waiting for an opportunity to find yourself. On early morning workouts vs mid-day life demands. On trails. On life...
Be good to yourself. be patient. But don't wait - seek.
Any chance you want to hang out at Headlands next weekend? :)

CoyoteGirl said...

Hey Olga!

No doubt! There are so many things that we could sort out on a long run. And I'm determined that we'll have the opportunity sometime soon, if not at Headlands then some other race this fall/winter OR at your Oregon 100? :) I'm determined to cross paths with all of the wonderful runner/bloggers that I've come to know.

Next Sunday I'm going to a conference as a guest of a good friend over in the eastbay (Berkeley) So I'm not sure if I'll be able to get out to the Headlands. I got a notice about the race a few days ago and thought "Darn I wish I was in shape for that one!" Well, next year.

But I'm getting the ultra thing going for sure now...I'm signed up for Skyline to the Sea in September. It's GONNA happen!