Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Plan for 2009

So here's the deal. Training for ultras just takes TOO long for me. It isn't working out with my family commitments. Instead of being a positive, it becomes a negative stress for me. Don't get me wrong, I loved my long runs in the woods. It's just the wrong time in my life for that.

Plus, I hate how slow I've become. It kinda hurts my ego to be so S-L-O-W.'s the new goal for 2009 -

A sub-20 minute 5K.

That's an attainable goal, with plenty of time and wiggle room to accomplish. My all time 5k best is 17:09 - so I am capable of it. And there's all kinds of added benefits, it'll speed me up at all distances. I'm probably better suited physically for the short stuff anyway. Plus it'll be something that's more family friendly all around. I won't be gone long for training and they'll be able to hang out and watch the races without it being too long.

I'll be starting the advanced plan for a fast 5k after the 1st of the year. I'm now doing some get-in-shape for the training cycle runs. I'll shoot for a 5k after the first 8 week training cycle. That one will be a test run to see where I'm at. (If I accomplish my goal then, great! But probably pretty unlikely the first time out that early in the year).

I'm pretty jazzed about this goal. I'll get in great shape, have fun and find my speed again!

The kids are just going stir crazy with these holidays. Ugh, I can't wait until school starts again and they are back on a schedule (and so am I). They are in each other's hair and just driving me nuts. They are set to start some fun classes after the first of the year so that should keep them busy.

Yesterday I ran a moderately paced 4.28 miles. My time was 32:00. I threw some fast surges in there (6:09 pace) and some bounding plyometrics and such. I'm letting my stride open up again as I'll be concentrating on speed. I've been constricting my stride (marathon shuffle) and I think that has caused some problems, both physical and performance-wise. I think I just have a naturally longer stride. I'm just going to run "naturally" from now on and not mess around with my style too much.
Today I'll run a little longer, 6-7 miles at a slower pace. Maybe a hilly route. I have some new running clothes to wear that Santa brought to me! :)


Marcy said...

Sounds like an awesome plan to me! ;D ;D

Oy, I hear you on the kid front. I wish Jan 5th would get here already :-X :-X