Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ugh. I still feel a bit tired and sore. I did six yesterday. It did not feel bad, I was energized afterwards. But I'm feeling it today. Not bad, but I know I should dial it back. It'll be a little run today, only about 3 miles or so.

No big trail run for this weekend, I think. It actually works out well because we'll be having guests at Casa Coyote this weekend. My far ranging mountain runs have me a bit nervous lately because of a lot of reports like this. I might change my routes a bit and bring them further down into town for a while. I don't want to be paranoid, but I've just had an uneasy feeling lately on the trails.


NJ said...

Hey! Glad you stopped by because for some reason, my feed on your blog got goofed up. I just thought you hadn't posted in a REALLY long time.

Not much happening here for me either. Had a couple interviews with Ecolab for a temp position, but that didn't work out yet. Turns out I may still have a shot at the permanent position which is the ultimate employment goal anyways.

YIKES! A cougar was found here in Champlin/Anoka this last December. It's crossed my mind on the trails because Afton is right along the St. Croix river.
Another one was spotted in the northern suburbs in Feb '09. We've been having lots of sightings here in MN in the last few years. I am really fascinated by these big cats, but I prefer to enjoy them at a distance with glass between us.

Better to be safe than sorry!

kizzy said...

Nice run. It happened to me too...It's something that runners share...

--Keep running like no one is looking.
five fingers

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