Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Trails to Me

Things are starting to get uncomfortable at the old work place. Not that there's anything actually wrong, I probably could just sit here for the next ten years. But that is just the problem - I'll be just sitting here.

I've discovered that I'm not good at dealing with change. and this is part of the problem. I'm willing to just sit here to avoid change, when I really should probably be scoping out a new gig. I've been finding excuses to stay and not try something new. Granted I have a lot on my plate with a young family and all - but maybe being complacent isn't the best for me or them.

My best friends all tell me that I could do better somewhere else. I guess it's time to find out if they are right.

run report - I'm going this evening after work to run the cobwebs out. I'm going to have to move my runs to back in the early morning again. I always get them in that way.