Friday, July 31, 2009

My life is full of ironies.

I got this dog with the idea that -

a. I'd be running with her a lot

b. She'd probably be annoyingly hyper for a while and that I'd just have to deal with it by taking her for lots of runs.

I in fact sought out a large dog that was annoying it's owners by being too hyper in hopes of finding the ideal running partner.

She is the mellowest puppy I have ever encountered. Oh she has her underwear-stealing, shoe snatching, puppy-nibbles moments, especially before we go to the dog park in the mornings. But other than that she lays around practically all day.

And she hates going running with me.

She'll drag ass on the way out for our runs...walking behind me. She magically knows when we are turning around to go home. Then she runs beautifully! Smooth and powerful back to the barn.

Things seem to never turn out as expected or hoped. There's always a great irony in the outcomes of most of my plans. She may not be a great running partner, but she's a fabulous babysitter. She follows the girls around wherever they go and is extremely gentle with them and endlessly, rock-solid tolerant of all of their antics. She's very easy to have around because she is so mellow and thus has become more of a joy than she probable would have been if she had been that hyper dog I expected.

As with many ironies I'll take this as a gift. Maybe the Almighty knows what I need rather than what I want. And I'm thankful for what I have.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I heard about this book and training method from one of my running mates on the Tahoe-Reno Relay. After following this training method he's set some pretty impressive PRs in the marathon, has been injury free and feels really good. I've been noticing that I run faster when I run less, so I'm going to study up on this method and give it a whirl. I definitely feel more rested, stronger and more energetic when I don't run everyday.

Yesterday's track workout was 11 400's. I did them all in the 1:40's, which wasn't half bad. I'm aiming to get 'em down to at least the 1:30's. This morning I could feel them, but it wasn't bad. As I take the day off I can feel the training effect. I'll do some core and arm work later, but keep it mellow otherwise to recover completely.

Props to Catra for her 131 mile JMT adventure and good luck for the Headlands 100! There's a gal who THRIVES on mileage!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Okay, so I'm much better now.

Went for a hike with all of the girls at Pulgas Ridge and everyone had a fab time. Went for a run with the pooch yesterday morning which was so/so. She putzed out on the way home because it was starting to get too sunny for her. She really, really hates even a hint of heat. So runs with her will have to be after sunset/before daybreak. My vampire pooch.

I am so very much looking forward to school getting back into session again. Maya is getting quite bored. Camp really helped but I know that the boredom is about to return again shortly. At least we'll have some swimming lessons coming up. And the dog is playing quite well with the girls now - so they are all keeping each other occupied.

I'm also eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new dog books. I've ordered a few guides about places to go with your pooch. I'm totally in to finding spots that we can eat out with her so that we can all go out together. I hate leaving her at home.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I have a case of the blahs and wanderlust. They seem to go together - no travel = blah.

I don't care if I go running or not. I'm not particularly interested. I guess I feel overall bored by just about everything.

I wish we could go on a vacation. The hubster and I actually have NEVER been on a real vacation together. That includes no honeymoon. Too poor and too busy working at the time for that. Sure we've done the family visit trip to AZ on Thanksgiving every year for years now, but that's not really a real vacation.

I'd just love to go camping even. Actually, I'd REALLY love to go camping. With the dawg. I want to get outside and hike with the kids and pooch and get dirty and run around. The area hikes are no longer satisfying my craving. I'm jones'in for some reall outdoorsy action!

I even fantasize about getting a job - like an outside rep for a running/outdoors sports company. I'd love to travel around and visit clients and work for a biz that I really dig. No more office jobs. I can't do it again.

I'd also love to be a ranger - but yes, those jobs are few and far between. And I have a BA in an unrelated field. Harumph.

I need to do a new thing now. Soon. And I'd love to move somewhere else. I've been here too long and no longer fit in around here. I'm open to change Universe....bring it on!

Anyone else feelin' this way?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's been so odd.

But since I'd knocked down the mileage I've lost about 10 lbs and it still feels like I'm loosing more.

It's all good. I think it may have to do with less stress, short intense workouts instead of long slow distance ones. And the weights. Maybe the short instense stuff is just better suited to me?

I'm still running in my vibrams. Minimalist runs are required by my bod now - my hip absolutely HATES it when I run in shoes. It tightens up right away. So I'm stuck barefoot now. I don't believe it either at times and I've wanted to "give myself a break with some cushy trainers" only to find that I get the opposite effect from my trainers and get all messed up. I'll just go with what works from now on and stay barefoot/vff.

The doggie is settling in. We're still working on the puppy nibbles - but it seems to be getting better. She's in love with my husband and completely melts into a submissive puddle if he yells at her. She doesn't take me as seriously.

Tonight is Tuesday Nite Track...check out the workout on my site listed to the right.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today I'll be adding in some Crossfit workout into the mix. I'll do some 10x20 sec tabatas tonight on my run in my VFFs. I cant' wait! I'm actually totally looking forward to the workout.

Sometime before or during I'll do some core work and upper body work. And I'll probably do a double run - do my workout and then take Zoe for a cool down run with me.

This morning we hit the dog park and played with the usual suspects inlcuding The Other Zoe, Otter, Rocky, Momo, Simba, Hoops and two new boarder collies who's names I didn't get (but they were oh so awesome like boarder collies are).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Took a short run today in the VFFs with the hound. She has a habit of sniffing at stuff excessively as we head out and then magically knowing the approximate turn around point on any run, even if she's never done it before, and barreling back home like she smells the barn. She's pretty good though, she does heel nicely for me now.

The VFF run was fantastic. Felt great. I have put in crappy mileage the last few weeks, but that's okay. Life sometimes hands that to you. So I'm workin' on getting fast now. Yesterday's speed workout was very successful with 1:35 quarters. Gettin' there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's 105 F on my back deck. 'nuff said. We don't have air conditioning in these parts.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Much Doggie Stuff

It has been a busy two weeks adapting to our new puppy and her to us. It's starting to feel more normal now. At the moment she's napping on the kitchen floor behind me.

My new life has been lived largely at the dog park and the kid park since it's summer vacation. The Pacifica 50k came and went. I was not in attendance. I haven't done any serious mileage in weeks! But I seem to have lost weight again. All this dog and kid walking.

I think I'll add Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance back into the training schedule again. It'll probably be my best bet to keep and get fit during this busy time.

Tomorrow morning I'll take the dog out for a nice long run. Gotta get it in somehow!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pulgas Ridge

Me and and the four-footed and two-footed girls went for a hike at this open space preserve down by San Carlos/Redwood City. Quite fabulous. We'll be back there soon. I didn't take my camera along and I should have. I will next time to document all the exploring.

There's a great central open space area criss-crossed by dirt trails that you are allowed to let your dog run free in. The girls and I did a little exploring in there, but it was getting hot so I decided to cut it short and just survey our new hang out. Next time I'll bring the water with me and we'll get started earlier.

This is a super great spot for pooches and their people.