Friday, December 08, 2006

Red sky at morning…

Sailors warning. Well we've got a storm brewing today and I'll probably kick myself for not going for a run, since the rest of this weekend will probably be storming. I'm hoping that it won't be that bad, since I do like running in the rain. I just don't like running in the rain and wind since there are a lot of large trees around here that like to loose big limbs during storms. Especially the first big storms of the season!

I had a nasty calf cramp this morning. That's another reason why I should've run. My run might have kicked the persistent soreness that I feel from it out of my leg. I haven't had a leg cramp in the longest time. I probably got it from wearing heels the day before, since I almost never wear heels anymore.

I did get to cuddle the 3 year old this morning though. I would've missed out on her 6 am visit to our room if I'd gone for my run. She was so cute when she hooked an arm around my neck and my hubby's neck for a big group hug. Makes getting up a little easier.

I just bought some new jeans from The Gap. I'm more than pleased to report that I now fit easily in size eights. YAY! Maybe someday I'll be a six again! I hope that someday is soon and that my minute miles will get back down to 7:30 or so for easy runs and 6 or less for racing. I'd looove to do sub 20 minute 5ks again.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sheesh, I suck

It's been forever since I posted here. Since I've last posted the family went on Thanksgiving vacation to AZ, Little M had her 3rd birthday and I've probably had several daycare induced colds.

The running is going well. Better, at least. My new goal is a fast 5k in the early summer. I think that is more achievable that an ultra in the near future. And getting faster before running farther might help my performances better anyway.

I'm actually liking running in the cold, in the early mornings. I run faster and I get to try out my new light gadgets. DH got a cool light for me that attaches to the visor of my running hats and I have a fun bright blue blinky light I clip to the back of my collar. They both work really well and make my morning runs easier.

Now I just have to get rid of those 20 extra pounds....