Monday, August 21, 2006

A sick day is a perfect day to start my new blog. I can't run, or swim, so I might as well not go to work either. Why add to the misery. And I can finally start the blog that I've promised myself and other bloggers to start!

Since I am a professional writer by trade, I really should be blogging, shouldn't I?

But being a professional copywriter is only a very, very small part of my life. The real stuff of my existance is my two little girls, my DH and my passion for running and swimming. I've been running since I was 15, sometimes very well and sometimes not much at all. I have a PB of 17:06 for the 5K (road) and 36:30 for the 10K (very hilly road). A few years ago I broke my leg on a fall trail running, and I really haven't been back to full strength since, partly because I had my two girls not too long after that. And running when you have toddlers isn't easy!

I'm a steadily improving swimmer. I learned how to swim as an adult, so I'm not great but getting better. I loooove the way swimming feels and the total body workout it gives you. It's also a great balance to the pounding, weightbearing excercise of running.

Oh, I also used to be a competitive cyclist and triathlete. I think competitive cycling took a few years off of my life, but I do really enjoy triathlons. When the girls are older I'll do some tri's again for sure. I also want them to see their mom as a strong, powerful woman, to encourage them to be the same.

Well, back to napping and recouperating. No running or swimming until this virus passes!


angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo, a new blogger! :)

FreeThinker said...

Welcome to our world!