Friday, December 08, 2006

Red sky at morning…

Sailors warning. Well we've got a storm brewing today and I'll probably kick myself for not going for a run, since the rest of this weekend will probably be storming. I'm hoping that it won't be that bad, since I do like running in the rain. I just don't like running in the rain and wind since there are a lot of large trees around here that like to loose big limbs during storms. Especially the first big storms of the season!

I had a nasty calf cramp this morning. That's another reason why I should've run. My run might have kicked the persistent soreness that I feel from it out of my leg. I haven't had a leg cramp in the longest time. I probably got it from wearing heels the day before, since I almost never wear heels anymore.

I did get to cuddle the 3 year old this morning though. I would've missed out on her 6 am visit to our room if I'd gone for my run. She was so cute when she hooked an arm around my neck and my hubby's neck for a big group hug. Makes getting up a little easier.

I just bought some new jeans from The Gap. I'm more than pleased to report that I now fit easily in size eights. YAY! Maybe someday I'll be a six again! I hope that someday is soon and that my minute miles will get back down to 7:30 or so for easy runs and 6 or less for racing. I'd looove to do sub 20 minute 5ks again.