Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cruizin' Along

I've recovered from a cold that kept me off of the roads for a few days. It aggravated my asthma a bit, but I'm learning to control it with my new inhaler. I still get a little tightness in my left hip. Oddly it seems that more running, not less is helping to get rid of that tightness. And stretching doesn't seem to help it either. It makes it feel a little better for the moment, but I don't think that it solves the problem. I think as I run more my right leg gets stronger and the overcompensating that I do with my left leg abates.

Yesterday the director at my kids' daycare commented on how it looked like I lost weight. I haven't been weighing myself, but I do feel tighter and slimmer. I'll take that compliment! But that compliment is a little of a double edged sword. Does that mean I was fat before? Oh well. I was "fatter" I'm sure. I think unfortunately that swimming makes me hold more fat on my body. So I guess it's good that I've quit swimming. It's counterproductive to my running. And it's too expensive!