Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Point of No Return

Running in shoes has become completely uncomfortable. It seems that all of the restrictive, controlling fixtures in running shoes just throws off my stride too much, and that big heel in the back gets in the way!

Whenever I run in shoes now my hip tightens, my hamstring tightens and I feel little twinges in my ITB. When I run unshod I feel springy and loose afterwards. Imagine that! Feeling looser and better AFTER a run! I'm also faster barefoot. I can't explain why and I don't want to imply that you would be faster barefoot, but it's happening for me. I think it may be the more efficient form and faster leg turnover.

I finally broke the news to my hubby that I've been running barefoot. I thought he might flip out, thinking I was nuts or something...but he's totally intrigued and supportive. That makes things easier.

So it's cold turkey. I've run 10 miles in the past two days unshod (except for my vibrams!). I'll be doing a trail run tomorrow - I'll see how that goes. As the mantra goes with the barefooters - listen to your body and follow its lead. I won't run into pain I'll just run as it feels good.


Billy Burger said...

I totally hear ya (except for the "faster" part).

After about 4-5 miles in reg running shoes, my feet start feeling uncomfortable and I yearn to free myself from the 13 oz feet blocks.

My goal is to do a 100% BF or in my Vibrams!