Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One of my coworkers suggested that we all go down to The Ramp (a restaurant/bar on a dock next to the bay) and drink. This was at about 9:15 this morning. And really it does sound better than what I had planned for the rest of the day, because really as things are going, I might as well go to The Ramp and just get sloshed.

So I got passed up again for a promotion here at The Big One. Not because I don’t have the experience or the talent but probably, mostly, because I'm not the boss's best buddy. Not that I don’t like her, I do, but we just don't mesh. What burns me is that she promoted a gal with far less experience. She looooves this girl and thinks she's brilliant. She's not - she just knows how to parrot back stuff she's heard from her superiors. Whatever. She'll have to manage a group of guys (all guys) who don't like her already. Good luck girlie!

Oh, and she has no management experience.


FreeThinker said...

Getting sloshed? That's OK! Steve Prefontaine liked to get sloshed too! (So do I!)