Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Leaf

I'm set to run a 20 mile trail run on December 1st. This is my starting point for my training plan to run a 50 miler this next coming year and to eventually build to the Western States in a year or two.

I've decided to can swimming for a while at least. It's just too much to put swimming in with running. Being at the pool at 5am is just too stressful. At the pool I swim at we're expected to prepare the pool too (pull off the covers and set up the lane lines). This adds a lot of extra time and hassle to the work-out schedule. Plus a lot of angry emails from people who think that other people aren't doing their part. I don't need that stress either. And I feel that I get fitter with running anyway.

I've decided to get back into some yoga at home for stretching and to help equalize my leg muscles again. I'll have to do a little strength training too, especially for my right leg as it is noticeably weaker than my left due to the break I suffered back in 2000. I still must be compensating a bit.

Run Report - Today none - very sore and tight so I did morning Yoga.