Wednesday, March 19, 2008

iPod Fun

I'm not big on lots of gadgets, I feel like they can be distracting, but I've been having fun with my iPod Nano. I finally busted out the Nike iPod connector doodad that I've had for over a month but have been too lazy to use since I thought that the set up would be horrendous. Well it wasn't - true I'm using the standard calibration but it seems to be pretty close to acurate for me. I used it on a hilly loop at Rancho yesterday and I think that it calibrated it pretty close to the actual miles/minutes per mile. I did almost 6 hilly miles at about 10:10 pace. I chugged up the switchbacks and bombed the downhills so I'm pretty sure that's about right.

I'll try it out around town today and let ya know how it does there.


Sunshine Girl said...

Did you howl at the moon this week?


CoyoteGirl said...


Yep we had a nice one out there this week! :)