Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday's Trails

I think I'll go down to Rancho and run some sort of loop on the Wildcat Canyon Trail. I need to cheer myself up.

And I won't get a chance to run the trails during the week once I start my new job. Thank goodness I managed to get some time off in between gigs. I'm a little scared because I think I DON'T want to start this new job. I'm a little afraid of it. And I wonder if I shouldn't be doing something totally different, if the copywriting part of my life is over and I should be doing something else. But what is it? I'd love to do something related to my trail running, outside in the woods...but what am I qualified for now? Now that I'm in my late 30's and have been doing the copywriting internet thing for so long.

I just heard one of the cats upchucking in the kitchen. Why do they all do that? And at the worst times. I just don't even want to go over there and see that whomever barfed managed to barf on a rug and not on the 90% of the kitchen that has easy clean linoleum. Yes. getting out of the house would be the best thing for me today.


Rocky Randall said...

I wish I lived somewhere away from the city where I could experience the beauty of the trails whenever I want. My running is mostly on the streets amongst the smog.