Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I haven't felt this peaceful in a very long time! Even though I just got fired...I feel totally at ease. I'm sure it's because I'm now headed in the right direction. I will not let myself be sidetracked by an easy job offer or other distraction that I might bite on if I let fear get the best of me. No, no, no - not again! I'm going to follow my intuition, my heart, my gut feelings that let me know what is right and wrong for me. I didn't follow them when I took this last job because of the money offered and the fear of not having a permanent job. And look where it got me? It's not a total loss and I'm not sorry for taking that job because ultimately it taught me a hugely useful lesson about following my gut instincts.

So now I've been spending a little more time with my kiddos. Today is my baby girl's 3rd birthday! She's at preschool where we'll have a little party for her today with cupcakes for all of her little friends. I have to wrap a few last presents for her and of course one for her older sister too because you have to include the other one too or they'll get jealous. I've been much more patient and at ease with them since getting free from the Nasty Gray Cubicle Farm.

So now I'll recuperate from my ordeal. I'll gussy up the house a bit and work out...lots. I'm waiting for materials for the personal training course that I've signed up for (yay!). I'm waffling on going out for my run today because of all of the fires that are out there right now. The air is terrible. I've had asthma attacks on days with bad air like this, so I'm not sure if I should go run or not. Maybe the air isn't that bad and won't affect me? Or is running today not a good idea and I'd be better to wait 'till tomorrow. Hmmm. I'll see how I feel and how the air is in a few hours.

Anyway...here's to everyone following their bliss, living their passions and thriving!