Sunday, June 29, 2008

Totally Mellow

I'm slowly adjusting to my early partial retirement. Last week I woke up on Friday morning dreading going in to work and trying to figure out sick day excuses...then I remembered that I don't work there anymore! It was a great feeling and only confirmed to me more that it's the best thing in the world for me to be outta there.

We've had home cooked meals every day since I've been retired. My hubby loves the savings and the fact that they are undoubtedly healthier. I like cooking and I so like the slower pace of things.

I got my study materials for my CPT course too. I've read a little bit but I haven't really dug in deep yet. I'm still getting settled into the new arrangement. I feel so peaceful and so calm - I really didn't know how stressed I was until the stress was removed.

I really feel free now to explore and find my true path. This time for me is such a gift. My advice to anyone who is questioning their career path/decisions is to first - listen to your instincts and heed them! If something is telling you, no screaming at you to NOT take a job, follow your hunch (I didn't, but I sure learned). If you feel like there is something else that you should be doing, explore that feeling! Take some time out of your busy days and write in a journal, meditate about it, whatever brings you clarity. Even if you don't know right now what it is that you are destined to do, if you take some time to figure it out it will be well worth it. Spirit will send you signs and steer you on the right path. Think if the things that you love to do and wish you could do all day there some way you can work that into a career?

Any little step in the right direction is progress! You'll feel much better for it, trust me.