Saturday, December 20, 2008


I haven't felt much like blogging. The holidays are, well, busy as they are for everyone. And now all the kidlets will be home with me for a while. I'll be cleaning constantly.

Everyone at Casa Coyote currently has a cold. Mama and Papa Coyote are going to be missing the one holiday party that they were going to to go to this year due to said disease. Funny how it hardly seems to phase the pups. They just continue to run around, scream, fight, play and drip snot. We on the other hand drag ourselves around like zombies.

So, no running to speak of. I'm hoping that I'll be well enough to sneak out for an early morning run on Monday before the entire clan wakes up. That would be nice. If not Monday than Tuesday hopefully.

Hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season.


Scott Dunlap said...

Rest up! And don't forget that chasing sick kids counts as cross-training. ;-)

Happy holidays!