Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Momma's Got a Brand New Bag

Back home and it's the first week of the new schedule, aka - no preschool/daycare and mommy at home. So far (3 days) so good.

It's settle back in time after a pleasant trip to AZ and Grammy's ranch. The girls have no idea yet how lucky they are to have a Grammy with HORSES. I'm sure it will sink in when their little friends get jealous.

We were welcomed home by the kitties AND a broken water heater. Yay. Just what I wanted for Xmas. So I spent some quality time with my dad and little N installing a new water heater. Of course it turned out to be 10x more difficult than anticipated because we had to jerry-rig earthquake straps, solder a new pipe into place for the pressure valve and the hot water pipes to the kitchen sink became clogged when we used it to bleed air from the water tank thus creating a whole NEW project. I just reassembled the faucet before plunking myself down infront of the 'puter.

The Hub and I got some quality runs in in AZ. We actually ran together once, first time in literally years. Someone always has to be home with the kids ya know.

We checked out some of the properties for sale. Fabulous ranch houses three times the size of our little bungalow for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than what our tiny little place is worth. It was nice to dream of more than one bathroom...and luxury ones at that! I've never seen anything in the Phoenix job listings that would be suitable for The Hub or I.

And then there's summer. I'm not sure how I feel about three months of 115 degree weather.

November is deceiving in AZ - the weather is just about perfect, tricking you into thinking that moving is a distint possibility. I'll have to visit again in July to see if it's really possible.

Little N and I are going to saddle up the baby jogger and head out on an afternoon run. Hopefully she'll nap too. Tonight is M's winter concert at her school. I hope it's not too long.


Marcy said...

I don't know . . .living in NY right now the 115 degree summers sound very nice LMAO!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oof the 115 summers can really suck

but the winters are great!