Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chuggin' Along in the Rain

I finally got out for a run today. Nothing fell apart and my leg didn't sieze up. I'm going at this very cautiously. I'll continue the Yoga religiously from now on. I don't think that I can expect to continue to run without it. I'm just so tight and bound up. More than looking forward to running again I'm looking forward to gaining flexibility from Yoga and maybe feeling more like my younger self. From now on caution and balance in all things are the name of the game. So maybe my sub 20 min 5k won't happen this year...or maybe it will. Either way I'm not going to fixate on it or make it a priority in my life. Health and balance will be the priority.

This weekend we're enjoying a big rainstorm that is much needed. Running in it was refreshing and fun actually. It's been steady all day long and is expected to continue all night and into the morning.