Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to the Track

So I did end up going to the track on Tuesday. I ran with no expectations...just jogged around the track and said hi to all of the good peeps there. My hammie didn't blow up and my mood lifted. Running actually felt relaxing and soothing to me. I need to slowly come back.

I run to and from the track. It's almost exactly a mile each way and is a great warmup/cooldown. Running home was wonderfully soothing in the dark. I love to see the glow of lights in houses and think of all the happy people cozy in their houses after work. Everyone attending to their lives. I ran past where one of our small streams plunges under the street and heads out the bay; it was rushing and tumbling like a small river after all of our rains. It was safely after commute time by the time I ran home from the track so I took to the middle of the streets and ran in virtual silence home. I startled one house cat with my headlights (a little clip contraption on my hat). I guess she thought I was a three-eyed monster.

I haven't run since. But I'm not beating myself up about it. We had another storm, and I was busy with the kids and their school functions. Maybe tomorrow I'll run again, or maybe Saturday.

I did a great yoga dvd this morning. It's an intermediate level Rodney Yee class. I've had the dvd for a while but felt a bit intimidated by the description of it. It has inversions..and I'm fairly nervous about going upside down. I didn't get to a total handstand, partly since I couldn't find a proper bare wall to hoist myself up to, but even just doing the preliminary excercises really had a positive effect on me. I also practiced inversions on a "chair" that I have that is specifically for yoga inversions. It sets you right up on your shoulders with your head hanging freely below. Inversions do seem to help the psyche...and the back! I felt wonderful after my morning session. I didn't get to finish the dvd, I ran out of time. So tomorrow I'll do it again to completion and report when I actually do that full handstand by myself. (I might ask The Mister to spot me on one tonight.)