Wednesday, May 06, 2009

No cool trail posts from this weekend, and no post on the latest track workout.

Casa de Coyote is innundated with the Spring Sniffles.

The Older Pup and Mama Coyote has the cold, the Younger One and Dada do not.

Mama coyote is taking it in stride. I'm looking at this as a good opportunity to get rid of my tight piriformis situation. I'm also waiting for a book that I ordered on Amazon...I wish it would get here already, before I'm better so that I can get some good readin' in.

I found out about this book on Barefoot Ted's site. It looks like a fascinating read on the Tarahumara and natural we can run without all of those fancy shoes and how we'd probably be better off for it. It's something that I've always thought about. It just doesn't make sense that after millions of years of evolution somehow this animal that has traveled to the far corners of the globe on foot now needs squishy constrictive shoes to run.
Part of the problem now is that we need to ween ourselves of these shoes if we wish to run barefoot. Throughout our lives we've been wearing them and they've changed our stride and coddled our feet into mush. I've done a little bit of barefoot running. You can really tell after a few strides that your shoes have changed the way you would normally run. It makes me wonder if my piriformis and hamstring situation has anything to do with that changed stride and if I'd go barefoot would it fix it? Dunno, but either way it's probably a good idea to put at least a little bit of barefootin' into the training regimen.


Anonymous said...

Your plan looks very interesting. I cannot wait to read more on your barefoot plans.

Thanks for the link to the website.

Marcy said...

I'm sorry about the cold. We're dealing with it as well. Geez, they weather becomes nice and BAM everyone becomes sick. Bleck.

Billy Burger said...

Sold. I'm getting this book!