Monday, August 17, 2009

It really feels like we're heading towards fall.

It has been dry and warm...very fall around here. And there's much talk at the dog park about all the kids going back to school. Divine Miss M will be taking her place in her first grade class two weeks from now. I wish the other one were going too -she gets so jealous of her big sis.

I've been swimming more than running...Getting back into it takes time and hell, it's just darn enjoyable. I don't seem to have lost much technique-wise as I'm back in the lane that I left two years ago.

I can pretend that I'm having a tropical vacation while swimming. This fantasy has ballooned in my mind since I ran into a lovely couple at the dog park with their Anatolian shepherd. They were taking him for a final walk before crating him up and flying back to Costa Rica where they own and run a B & B. I've been googling "moving to Costa Rica" all morning.

Apparently it's no problem moving to Costa Rica with your dog. And people there are very kid and dog friendly. I find that out here I'm the most hated person because I have kids AND a dog. I annoy those who hate kids (there lots of them around here) and those who hate dogs (plenty of those too). 'Tis sad. They are missing out by closing themselves off to nature (dogs) and people (kids).

I've always wanted to take up surfing....there's lots of surfing in Costa Rica....