Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Turning the Page

I'm finding it difficult to post on CoyoteGirl. This was a blog dedicated to my trail adventures and they are few and far between now. Between caring for the kids and the dog there just really isn't any time left for lonely jaunts in the woods. All adventures include canines and kidlets now.

And I'm sure that is pretty boring for those looking for trail posts.

I'm starting a new blog - The 4 Musketeers. It's of course, about our adventures and my new hopes and dreams. Please come by and join me if you'd like.

I'll leave this blog up for a while and then probably lock it down.

As far as my running is concerned - I've been following the three day a week rule in the FIRST program, albeit less seriously than laid out. I haven't been running barefoot because I bruised my left foot a few weeks ago...but I feel I really need to go back to my VFFs since my hip is tightening up again. So I'll be hitting the streets in my VFFs again. It will be easier to do so since I no longer have any plans or aspirations to race so I can take my time building up my strength running barefoot and just having fun with it. I've been swimming a few times a week too and I'll be adding to that and swimming more in the future.

I've started writing a novel and will be working diligently on that project too. Fiction is new to me since I've been a copywriter for 15 years and really just always thought of myself as a good writing technition, but not terribly creative. I don't think I was giving myself much of a chance. We'll see what gels.