Monday, January 11, 2010

Pulgas Ridge
Since this place is one of the few that allow dogs on trails (!) in this area it was jammed packed with people and pooches on this Sunday morning. All's good though because the pooch crowd is a nice bunch.
It started off very foggy, but soon the sun came out leaving me overdressed, as usual. But I could pack away some of my clothes in my little backpack that I was toting full of water and G2 for the pooch and me. Zoe was very happy about this trail run; she did great. The last time we ran here she pooped out - but then again she was younger and it was hotter. The older, and bigger she gets the stronger and better at running she becomes. She's really turning into a great running partner after all. Her endurance is improving tremendously, and at the end of our runs now she obviously could go longer and probably wants to go longer.
This turned out to be a much shorter run than I really wanted it to be, only about four miles. Next time I come here we'll double the loop or do some zigzagging. In the future we'll have to try out some of the dogfriendly trails in the east bay for some good distance stuff together.
My slow easy and steady approach is working so far. And I'm keeping track of my runs religiously which I think will help tremendously with my training program. Ohlone 50k here I come!