Saturday, January 16, 2010

Runners in the Storm

Here it comes! Big rain and probably wind too. I'm looking forward to it. Zoe should like it as it's cool and wet and she can splash in puddles (her fave!) I'll even attempt an early morning run so that I can make a decent Sunday morning breakfast when I come home, complete with bacon (mmmm). Bacon of course will arrive after sufficient mileage. Of course.

Today our run was kind of pitiful. Zoe was draggin' ass. At first I worried that she was hurt or suffering from some unknown heart ailment. But then I remembered her bathroom "issue." The dog hates taking a crap anywhere but at home. You may think, "Well hell that's good! No crap picking up on your run!" Well sort of. No crap to pick up but you get a visibly uncomfortable dog that won't run with you. And this always happens half-way out. I have to leave on my runs with her after she takes a dump. I'm hoping that an early morning run will coincided with her early morning evacuation. And everyone will be happy. Well at least we did get over 5 in today and I uploaded it to my online workout calendar.

Yes folks I am still keeping track of my workouts. What an easy resolution! It feels great to have it all organized again - I can see just what I need to do and where I'm at. This is a little victory (Hell I actually have to do the workouts, ya know, that should be the hardest part of it). But I've been so bad at keeping track of my training in the past that I'm sure it's been holding me back. And now I have to fill in those little squares in my calendar. I do like that my calendar is tabulating my monthly mileage...I think this is better than weekly mileage. I used to get all wacky and try to get it my weekly mileage up to 40 any way I could when it was too late for a that week (oh 20 miles on Saturday to get it up to 40, yeah that sounds smart!) A monthly tabulation gives you much more wiggle room.

In other news my cronically tight hip is starting to feel much better. I've been concentrating on leaning on my other hip and it seems to be evening things out a bit. When I'm sitting, standing, everything...My left hip got so tight after I had broken my right leg. So of course my left leg took over as the dominant leg. Just don't break your leg folks, and all of these stupid things won't happen to you and you can keep running merrily along without any detours. My detour has been way too long.

Other things in Chez Coyote -
Both adults are dealing with unemployment. I thought that I would've gotten a new gig by now...but the wheels of employment are turning ever so slowly. It's taking forever to get through interviews and such. I'm hoping to have something cemented by the end of this week.
CoyoteGuy is looking, but not finding much that is good for him. This was expected. Me - my work is very portable and very gig oriented. His? Well it's very organizationally oriented and involves working fulltime for a company for years with much trust and involvement (can you say management???) So well, his search will take some time. Honestly I think that what we need is our own biz - but what to do? We'd need to come up with something that people really need and will pay for in a recession. And the money to do it? Aye there's the rub. Ideally I think that'll be the way for us to go but we'll have to replenish the household funds first. I DO have a few ideas. At least these coyotes are wily ones and we can live on the cheap.


Sunshine Girl said...

She's baaaaaack! Welcome back girlie.

CoyoteGirl said...

Yep, can't quit. Always threaten but never do.