Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laggin' on the Pics

Yeah, I know. It's just when I get home I get too lazy to turn on the computer and upload them. I promise I'll do it in the next few days!

I had another nice run from Edgewood up into Huddart/Phleger. I ran a little in Huddart and then turned and went into Phleger. Next time I'm going to go directly into Phleger and do a big loop to the top and back down through Huddart. I just loved Phleger! It's full of beatiful ferns beneath the redwoods and the beginning trails run right next to Union Creek. So soothing. And soon it will be really nice to be in there when it's super hot outside.

I'm doing a rare evening work out tonight from my house on some of those "secret" trails that I found. I can't wait! I look forward to the warm evening, the meditating run and the soothing trails!