Friday, May 16, 2008


Oh how things can change in an hour.

I snuck out of the house while everyone was sleeping for a wonderful, peaceful trail run through Mills Canyon. I did an hour loop there and back to my house. Granted, it was a little longer than I had planned on but I thought things would be well taken care of by the time that I got back....

I get in the house and the kids aren't dressed yet and my husband is barfing in the toilet, suffering from a migraine. Egads. And then the morning went crazy.

I had to rush to get the girls dressed, and I ended up being very short tempered with them, yelling and screaming (which I feel terrible about now). Then I took a shower quickly and got dressed fast. I ended up running out the door with wet, unstyled hair, no make-up and a screaming four-year-old that was in full tantrum mode. Not very Zen.

Of course we were a half-hour late for everything. And now I feel super guilty for being such a b*tch and not keeping my Zen through the situation.

I'm going to try to sneak outta work a little early and get something fun for them at Target to try and make up for it. I don't know why, but lately when I'm really pressed against the wall with things I just blow up. It just all comes back to me about how I really wish I didn't have to go to this job and how I wish I could work from home and take care of things there. I hate living in chaos and creating chaos.

It will be a hot evening tonight. I'll try and make it up to the girls (although I know that they've probably forgotten all about it by now). We'll play outside in the yard until later and just RELAX for once.

IV drip for the tequilla, please.