Friday, May 30, 2008


I woke up on Thursday morning and was just beat. I hit the snooze button on our alarm for a full hour. I could feel that this wasn't lazy-tired. This was real tired and I'd probably not be benefitting myself by running. So I didn't. I did some sit ups, push-ups and yoga instead.

I went for a short, about 4 mile run this morning. Unfortunately I only started feeling better around mile 3. I'm afraid that I'm a bit burned out and that I need to rest. It seems like I just don't recover inbetween runs like I used to. I wake up achy every morning and I hobble around like an old lady for the first few minutes when I get up. I'm afraid that I'll just get injured if I continue at this rate.

So I think I'll try a new schedule. Yoga has always helped me feel great and I really haven't been doing any of it for months. I don't have the time with all the running, kids and work! I think that I'll have to cut down on the running and add in some yoga to improve the running in the long term. My plan is to do yoga and calisthenics on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and run on the other days. I'll do more quality work on my running days and less of just getting in the miles. Getting rid of the running on those days will give me a decent rest, and especially on Saturdays it'll give me more time, which I desperately need. I'll do some home improvement projects and spend time with the kids instead. It's starting to become a strain to try and juggle the workouts between the hubby and I, and having one less weekend day of that will be a relief.


Sunshine Girl said...

The 50k will always be there! Sometimes I don't know how my Mommy friends fit it all in. But I certainly admire y'all! The cabin looks AWESOME, where is this little paradise??

CoyoteGirl said...

Hey Sunshine!

Yeah, I'm backing off on the 50k endeavors and just trying to enjoy myself on the trail, or wherever I am working out.

The cabin is up outside of Placerville, CA. It's gorgeous country. At about 4000 feet.