Friday, October 17, 2008

Home Improvement

Well, if I haven't been running lots at least I've been getting SOMETHING done. I just completed a two day oven installation extravaganza. I got to spend a lot of time with my dad who is Mr. Fixit, owns every tool known to man and knows how to build anything and everything. Seriously. I haven't found a mechanism that he can figure out and fix. He's a "retired" mechanic.
Next it's back to replastering my walls and then painting them. Then I'll rip out the carpets and refinish the floors.


Today I also picked up Simba the cat's ashes. That opened up wounds all over again. I still miss him everyday and catch myself looking for him. I can't believe that all I have left of him is pictures, ashes, some saved fur and a clay pawprint. He was too young to go, I fully expected him to be with us for a long time. It's times like these that I'm really banking on an afterlife to keep myself sane. (Picture of Simba sleeping peacefully in the backyard a few weeks before his untimely death)


Running today? Dunno. We finished the stove thing rather quickly, so maybe I'll get out before I go to volunteer at the animal shelter tonight. The whole Simba thing has gotten me down. I'm sure that going out for a trail run would make me feel better, it's just a matter of actually getting myself out there.