Monday, October 27, 2008

So I've Been Tagged

Angie tagged me. That means I have to list 6 different things about myself that others may not know. Here it goes -

1. I love bagpipes. I don't know why, but I love bagpipe music. I really dig running to it. Some of my favorites are a band called Enter the Haggis, and The Great Big Sea.

2. I haven't been anywhere in ages but in my earlier life I traveled to 32 different countries. Mostly to archeaological and nature sites. My dad worked for an airline so my folks took advantage of the benefits.

3. I almost was a ballet dancer. I had been a dancer since the age of 3. I was really good and I performed a lot through my highschool years. Decided it was better for me to go to college and to stop starving myself.

4. I love pirates and ninjas.

5. I speak German

6. I'm arachnaphobic but I appreciate and I'm fascinated by spiders. This leads Hubby to show me every picture and movie on uTube of large exotic spiders that he finds. I won't kill them - if I find a tarantula I'll shew it across the road...but I won't touch it.


Running Report - Very little. But actually it kind of feels good to take a break. I went out for an hour on Saturday. Maybe I'll get out this evening for a bit. Right now I'm putting family first and it's taking a lot of stress out of my life. But I do miss the trails! I'll be back, I promise!


John at Hella Sound said...

Interestingly enough, my sister plays bagpipes--they're remarkably hard to play well.

The worst thing I've ever seen is a video of a camel spider. Apparently they're not truly arachnids, but who cares! Those dinner-plate sized things are terrifying.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

wow, 32 countries?! that's awesome.

CoyoteGirl said...

Ohhhhh yes....I've seen the camel spider footage. It's a thing of nightmares. Have you seen Bear Grylls from the Discovery channel EAT one? That haunted me for weeks.