Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gettin' Back on the Wagon...

I haven't blogged since my race! I've thought a lot about blogging and what I'd say, but just didn't get around to it. Didn't want to turn on the ole 'puter for awhile.

Running has been sporadic in the past two weeks. First the family got hit by the first back-to-school virus, so that slowed everyone down for a few days. And then we tragically lost one of our dear kitty cats when he was hit by a car. We're still devasted. He was quite a character and we loved him dearly. It's hard to write about. I just haven't felt like doing much, running included.

But, in a few minutes I'll get out for a morning run. I've shoved everyone else off to work and school. I'll probably get in a 6 miler or so. Tomorrow I'll get out on the trails again.

Last night we had a thank you dinner for Frank our volunteer Tuesday night track coach. He's "retiring" from this duty.

So many things seem to be changing - changes in the the track group, loosing our dear kitty, etc. - and I don't like it. I crave some stability and sameness. I know that nothing is permanent but change...but I don't think I'm coping so well with it. All of the changes in my life are piling on top of each other and I'd just like them to stop. I've always been one to roll with the punches pretty effectively but I'd just like to call uncle on them for now. Enough is enough!


olga said...

Tanya, congratulation on "becoming an ultrarunner"! This is awesome! As for changes - while they are happening they are hard, but they surely are needed for fluidity of life. Embracing them is the best we can do:)