Friday, November 21, 2008

A Life Less Feral

It's little N's last day at daycare/preschool. I've told her about it, I think she gets it and it seems like she doesn't care. I hope so. I have fun plans for her so that she should be happy post-preschool.

Me? Well, I certainly haven't been hitting the trails much as of late. I've actually been doing things like baking, which is totally unlike me. I've also been doing some heavy duty home repair like refinishing walls and the deck. Makes me feel all macho and useful. And kind of domesticated...eeek.

But change is good and getting things done is good too. I'll post before and after pics when I'm done. As for the running - the more intense workouts I'll do in the early mornings and on track evenings. During the day I'll bust out the baby jogger for adventure with the N.

Running today - A little run around the 'hood with some tempo in for good measure.


olga said...

I really like your new blog's layout:)
Hope all will workout for you.