Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Running Lite

Wow, I'm down to two runs a week. That's really weak. It's all I can do to fit them in. And I won't be going to the track because the local high school girls have a lacrosse game there tonight. My lazy ass is happy about it actually, because I didn't want to crowbar myself out of the house for a run. It's been raining buckets and I don't want to go out there. Although I know that once I'm out there I'll love it and have fun and all that. It's just getting out there at night in the dark, those first few steps that are the worst.

The kids are cranky, restless, whiny and tired of being couped up. Ugh.

I have been working on the yoga. I almost have my heals down in downward dog...that's a major accomplishment. And in standing forward bend I'm much more forward with my fingers on the ground. There is progress. I don't feel as tight, although I still am tight. But every class I take myself through makes me feel so much better for a few hours. I still need to work on inversions...they are a little scary but they offer so many benefits.

I've been trying to keep to a yogic diet. Trying is the word. I can manage about three days of vegetarianism and then I fall off the wagon. Anyone else a vegetarian out there? Any advice? Or should I just give up already?