Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I can't be the only person who thinks these are creepy. It's like a giant toddler. Or a teletubby.

I'll be happy when the Valentine's Day ads are OVER. Especially this pajama gram one. My poor hubby is always at a loss on this day...I have graciously let him off the hook for this made up holiday from now and on into the future. I don't need or want anything heart-shaped and when I want chocolate...I'll hunt it down myself. Obviously, I'm not a romantic.


In other news I've been running regularly, even though I have this sinusy-headachy cold that won't quit. Getting out there seems to clear it up for a few hours, but then it's back again in the morning. Although I think it's easing up day by day. I think by this weekend I'll be able to do a long trail run in the hills.

I'm still doing the Vibrams. All is good, very good. I don't feel sore after running, I actually feel springy and refreshed. The VFFs were NOT smelling fresh this afternoon. I took them with me into the shower and shampooed them. They're drying now. I'll let you all know if this works tomorrow.


The job hunt is limping along. This Friday I have an interview, and I sincerely hope that this one leads to something that I can do for a while. This will be the second round interview for this company. Interviewing is just as stressful and time consuming but all I can find to interview for are contract/freelance jobs. There aren't any direct hire jobs available anymore. Maybe forever? How things have changed from my dad's time, or even from five years ago.
Best to look at ways to amp up one's own self sufficiency. Like this cool gal - Jenna


NJ said...

I'm with you on V-day. It's a Hallmark holiday just so retailers can make more money. My hubby and I haven't done anything for the day in a few years.

Good luck in the interview. What I wouldn't give even for that right now. In response to you, the Mpls market isn't horrible (in comparison to a others) given the educational sector and all the company headquarters we have, but there are so many of us applying for the same jobs. I thought the new year would bring on the new budget and equal out to new jobs. Not quite so seems that companies are content to wait out the 1st quarter. I just applied to something in a company where I know someone...hopefully I will at least get an interview.

Good luck...keep me posted on yours. Oh and I was going to reply and email you, but it came up as a no-reply email so I don't think that was right. I have a gmail address and the front part is natalieklein78.