Sunday, February 21, 2010

Job Hunting = Window Shopping

Soooo....I've been window shopped!

This means when a possible employer interviews you and takes you through all of the trials of job hunting and then says..."maybe...don't know....wait a minute while I pick my nose."

I learned from my recruiter and another secret source that I was the strongest candidate that "they" had seen for the job that I've been up for. Mind you it's been a month's worth of interviewing, for a friggin' contract job. But yet they want to see more resumes, as my recruiter told me. They think I'm great...but they want to see MORE resumes. Apparently they have found some sort of wrinkle in time and now have all of it in the world to waste on driving job hunters crazy.

It's a frustrating time in Casa de Coyote.


NJ said...

How very frustrating! I'm not sure what's worse...endlessly beating your head against the wall and getting nowhere or punching a hole in it and finding out nothing was on the other side.

Hope it begins to pick up for you (and me)!