Sunday, February 07, 2010

One thing barefoot running does not do is cure a cold. I have one, brought home by the 1st grader. But my immune system has become quite an amazing thing due to two kiddos and the preschool experience. Since having little ones, I really haven't had any super nasty colds that last weeks at a time. They tend to come and go quickly.

This morning I went on a run even though I felt achy and stuffy. First I took the dog out for a slower 1/2 loop. I brought her home and then did another loop at a much more instense pace and with hill repeats. Lots of snot and loogies, but I feel that I have accomplished something. Hopefully it was added fitness and burning this cold out of my body faster; not sending myself towards pneumonia.

I've been running in Vibrams only now for a while. My tight left hip is no longer tight. I think that running super minimal or barefoot forces equilibrium where there are problems. I know that I favor my right leg subconsciously since my accident. Running in Vibrams forces that leg from the foot up to work just as hard as the left. There's no free ride for the right leg or foot, which is a good thing.

Barefootin' seems to be taking off and it's ticking off some of the shoe giants. Jason has been following the events pretty closely and blogging about some of the freaked out antics that they are resorting to. They continue to run screaming down the negative path. Why not try to come up with some products for minimalist runners instead of attacking them? A positive reaction, especially in this case, would be much more productive.


NJ said...

AUGH! I have this horrible cold of those viral head ones. I was too wimpy though to go for a run. Couple that with the cold and snow with lots more snow on the way, it felt like a good day to just hunker down and relax in the house.

Feel better soon!