Friday, March 12, 2010

New Trails, Old Places

I love it when I discover a new place to run, right from my front door.

Driving home a few days ago I discovered that there was a dirt trail along side of a street that I never thought about running on. It would be too narrow and possibly dangerous otherwise, but I hadn't seen the trail before.

Zoe and I checked it out. It's a perfect hill training road, lines a gorgeous wild canyon (we saw deer) and great views at the top. I'm adding it to the training regimen.

The canyon and the hills area beautifully green right now. The winter rains have made this place a lush paradise. The next few days are expected to be beautiful, sunny and warm. I'm planning a long run this weekend of around 20 miles if I can handle it up in Huddart probably.


NJ said...

Love it when I discover a new trail. I just found one the other day...not as fun as yours though because it's paved, but it's through trees around a lake and best of all, it's within walking/running distance of my home! Have fun on your new trail!