Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Little Sore, but ....

Still working on the POSE method. It's going better now. For a while there I had myself all in knots thinking TOO much about form. But I think I'm finally reaping the benefits of my hard work. My calves are still a bit tight from the change in stride (I have to remember to keep stretching and to massage out the knots with my massage stick!).

I had a great run at Wunderlich on Sunday even though it was pretty hot out there. Luckily most of my Wunderlich run is in the shade of the redwoods....ahhhhh! I did about 13 miles. Every time I run there on Sundays I will stretch it out a mile and slowly inch my way over to Huddart Park on the connecting Skyline Trail. Movin' up that mileage, ever so sloooowwwly.

Congrats to Catra & Leslie on their awesome Diablo 50m runs! I was thinking good thoughts for both of you on that day. And Happy Birthday to Angie! (Good Luck at Zane Grey!).


angie's pink fuzzy said...

thank you!

Sunshine Girl said...

Awwwww! Thanks for thinking of us! I am supposed to put in one last long run before the Miwok taper begins. Today is my only day to do it as I am working the next 6 days. So I wake up and its all dark in my bedroom and I am all sleepy and confuse, why is it so dark out?!?

That's because there is a BLIZZARD outside. Not a little snowstorm or some freshies on the ground, but a honest to goodness blizzard. It is quite the contrast to this time last week! So, I think I am off for a 3 hour power "hike" in the snow with some tunes and then maybe a spin on the bicycle. Too funny.

Enjoy your day!