Thursday, April 24, 2008


I had a back spasm that sidelined me for a day back on Monday. I stayed home from work too, which was glorious. I went to the chiropractor and 95$ later I felt much better. I only missed a day of running, but I'm supposed to be tapering anyway. And I am.

The next race is a 25k on Sunday. It's really a run through race for mileage and part of the build up for Diablo. I'm anxious to try out my POSE on it and see how my hill running has improved. This morning my run was the smoothest it's been since I've started POSEing...things are starting to feel natural to me now. And I keep getting faster - my min/mile average on my morning run was 8:06 I think.

And yay! The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Sunday! So I won't have to worry about bundling up and can just run in a shorts and a singlet. Yippee!

Good luck to everyone who is doing ZG this weekend.