Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rolling Along Again

Hello everyone! I've been super buzy at work, and it's really hard for me to post from there. It's going better. It's just so different than my previous job.

I've been keeping up and extending the miles. Today I ran 11.5 miles in Wunderlich. Very hilly and beautiful. I loooove it there. I got rained on a bit on the way back down, but it hardly mattered at all.

I've been studying and implementing the POSE method of running. Wow, it's tough to radically change your style but even in it's imperfect stylings at the moment I've taken MINUTES off of some of my usual runs. A run that used to take me about 43 minutes now takes me 39. And I feel really different - the muscle soreness is much less after long runs. And when I'm running, when I do hit the sweet spot of the POSE method it just feels like I'm floating along. I'm at the point now that I can't revert to my old style, but I'm not perfect at POSE yet. But this is a good point - I'm improving and I've shed my old bad habits. Happily POSE makes running uphill much easier.

Anyway, on my run today at Wunderlich I saw about 5 deer including cute little spotted fawns. A vole sorta little creature, and the biggest gray squirrel I've ever seen. I thought he was a fox at first crossing the trail. And banana slugs, of course.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

I've never studied the form of running, and have wondered if by doing so, I could get faster...I'll have to google POSE and see what it's about!

Sunshine Girl said...

Way to get out there and try something different!
I am VERY excited for my whirlwind weekend escape to SF this weekend and to get a glimpse of your corner of the world!!
I am slightly terrified at the idea of running 50 miles but hey- what's life without trying??