Friday, August 22, 2008

Long Runs and my Aching Butt

Yesterday I wanted to go running at Edgewood Park but ending up just running around the neighborhood because I ran out of time. And wouldn't it just figure that I missed out on seeing some kitties. Apparently there were two mountain lions spotted moseying into the park from the west (so from Canada Road side). I bet they were young siblings. I hope that they don't get into any trouble and that people leave them alone.


I ran outta time yesterday because I had a chiro appointment to fix my twisted sacroiliac joints. Apparently my butt is too tight. (Okay, yeah, tight ass jokes). Alright, so I'm no supermodel but I guess that I at least have to pay a bit more attention to my glute stretches. Along with the usual cracking and popping I endured some Graston Technique treatments. This involves deep massage with medieval torture device-like metal implements. All my bones are back in their proper alignments now, but now I have bruises all over my talibone. And my glutes were definitely still tight for my long run today. I got that not so terrific tight/tingly feeling in my butt muscles, and I just generally feel too tight back there to really get my legs swinging effectively. Ah well, this too shall pass with proper stretching...which I admit I have not been doing. Idiot.

My run was otherwise good...I crossed Skyline Blvd. at the top and tooled around for a bit in Corte de Madera too. I have to check my maps for that place to get a good additional route mapped out to extend my run. I also went up and down Skyline Trail towards Huddart for a bit. It was quite warm out, but not miserable. What's so nice is that the woods keep the hot sun from beating down on you keeping you cool even during the heat of the day.
What I want to know is what is up with the squirrels out there? There is much unneccessary spazzing when I run past them on the trails. They've got to be used to humans, somewhat. Are people hunting and eating them? I had one panic so badly when I came around a blind turn up near the top that he nearly ran under my feet trying to get away. It's some good comic relief, but I hope I don't fall into a ravine from tripping over one of those hairballs.