Monday, August 18, 2008

Long Runs are Good

....sometimes, not always. But this time, this Sunday my run was muy bueno. It was not a traditional long run on wooded trails like I ususally do. This time I ran on the roads and streets. I had mapped out a route that I wanted to do that involves running past Sawyer Camp Trail head. I just wanted to see if I could pull this thing off....and I did! It was about 13 miles long.

I left later in the morning than I had originally wanted to. I wanted to leave pretty early so that I didn't take a big chunk out of our weekend time. But I woke up feeling really tired and I needed some coffee to jump start myself. The street run was orchestrated so that I would take less time out of family time by not driving off somewhere to run. As long as I'm unemployed I can run trails during the week, and then do some local stuff on the weekends close to home. Anyway, the late start made the return trip home hot and annoying for me. But really only the last three miles were miserable. All of the uphill section was in some lovely fog bank, keeping me cool.

One really cool section was the long gradual downhill of Highway 35 from Crystal Springs Golf course to the Sawyer Camp Trail Head. It's a beautiful area of rolling hills right next to the Crystal Springs reservoir. They really need to carve an actual trail next to the road. It was kind of empowering to run all the way to Sawyer Camp. As I ran past the trail I felt a little superior to all the people who drove there...hahah not really. I was just sweatier and hotter because by then the fog had burned off.

I turned left and ran down Crystal Springs Road to El Cerrito Road. The Crystal Springs section seemed longer than I remembered, but I've never run it before, so no wonder. It was a bit narrow in sections, but okay. I did notice a trail on the other side of the creek that is next to the road. It's water district property...but I might sneak in and run on it anyway because the road is too f**ing narrow and that peaceful trail looks so lovely. I'm sick and tired of all that fabulous natural land being off limits and only for the water district use. Phooey. I so wish that there was less concrete and more dirt around here.

I saw a rattlesnake on the side of the road and two deer up on the hill. The rattlesnake was a nice reminder to not forget to keep my eye out for them! I haven't thought much about them lately since I've been off in the the cool redwoods most of the time.

Once I hit El Cerrito I felt like I was almost home, and I almost was. There were only about 3 to 4 miles left on my run at the most and I cruised it on in. I ran out of fluids about 1.5 miles from home, but I was okay. I did stop and walk for a bit but reminded myself that it only made my run longer and if I'd just step it up I'd be home in a few minutes. And really, when I started to run again I felt so much better.

One thing I've noticed after this run is that road running makes you so much more sore! I bounce back after the trails so much faster! Hills are easier on the roads because you can only encounter an incline of so much, while the trails can dish out just about anything.

So today there will be lots of stretching and only a short easy run. Tomorrow will be intervals!

In other news...

I have a phone interview today with a possible contract gig. I'm kind of ambivalent about it. I'm dreading loosing my freedom again. I know this is negative thinking. I'm trying to tell myself to just take things as they come and be relaxed about it. I'll definitely have to have next Monday off to watch my oldest, as she ends preschool on Friday and starts kindergarten on Tuesday so she has Monday off. And then I'll definitely be coming in late on Tuesday to see my girl off to school. I dread dealing with telling any work situations about things I have to do with the kids because they treat me like a criminal about it. Like I did something wrong by having a family or that it's something so wierd and out of the ordinary. It really angers me. Makes me wish I lived in a country that doesn't just give bullshit lip service to "family values" but actually protects them. I do think that it may be a function of where we live here in the Bay Area - I don't find it to be a family-friendly place anymore. It seems that companies here expect you to not have a real life outside of work. I wish I could do this contract gig from home. I hate corporate politics and I DON'T want to be involved with them again. So I'm hoping to just stay contract, for good!