Tuesday, September 02, 2008

End of Summer

I can feel it in the air. Fall is coming. And there are Halloween decorations at Target. All the signs are there....summer is coming to an end.

Every year it seems to come sooner and it feels harder to accept. I like summer, a lot. I like it being light for so many hours. I like the warmth. I'm not ready for fall and winter yet.

Sometimes I do like the nip in the air and the peacefulness of running in the dark. But I think I dislike it more than like it. One of the problems is that it's always sort of winter here and never really winter. All the seasons are like that. Oddly enough I think that I'd tolerate the winter more if it would just really be a big bad snowy winter and get it over with already. We get a wet, grey, drippy, old gym sock of a winter out here with lots of grey days and endless nowhere rain that is neither a storm or a sprinkle. Boring. And very un-Yuletide-y.


Just for the record - I had a dream about a big earthquake. Let's hope it means nothing more than that I need antacids before going to bed.


We celebrated the end of summer by heading up to hillbilly heaven for a bit of outdoor recreation. There was much running, trail hiking, dirt collecting on clothing and just futsing around. The long weekend went by way, way too quickly. The kids are still tired. Nadya napped on the way to school this morning. Now that's tired!

I almost did the 20 miler of the Run on the Sly race series but opted to sleep in instead. It just was too much to squish into a family weekend on late notice. I'm definitely putting it on the calendar for next year, and then it will be the 50k.

We did visit the trails that the race was run on. And we accidentally visited the spot where in 2000 I tripped on some inbedded rocks and broke my leg. It took a long time for me to be able to run again, and a long time for me to be able to run on trails without being afraid of this happening again. I feel so lucky to have healed so well.

Infamous leg-breaking rocks on trail around Jenkinson (aka Sly) Lake


angie's pink fuzzy said...

i had a dream about an earthquake last night. of course, i'm in az, but still - the last time i dreamed about an earthquake was a couple days before Oct. 11 1989!

what i wouldn't give to live in a climate as yours - sounds perfect to me :)

CoyoteGirl said...

Yeah, I know I do bitch about the weather when I shouldn't really. Winter just gets super boring after awhile around here. I'm down in AZ a lot to visit family...so I know what it's like. You've got to admit that late fall/winter is fabulous down your way! We go there for Thanksgiving every year.