Monday, January 26, 2009

Back on Track

I took the hamstring out for a spin yesterday...and all systems were go. The rest and the ART did the trick no doubt. Not even a glimmer of the problem. That's not to say that I'm not going to be extra careful (especially at track) for the next week or so. Dr. Angelique suggests continued stretching and strengthening to repair the damage and keep it from happening again.

But I'm oh so happy! The freedom of running is mine again. I was so afraid that this was going to be a nagging problem...but with care and maintanence I'm free to run again. I guess I'm extra worried about it because the big 4 OH birthday is THIS WEEK. I'm really not so worried about being forty, it doesn't really bother me, except the fear of nagging injuries and the old bod not responding to my commands as it used to. Other than that, being forty is just a number.


Stuart said...

Good news and don't worry 40 is the new err 40 but i can say that as I am older than that!

Marcy said...

Really? I wouldn't have taken you past 31-32! You're only as old as you feel ;-)