Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Glorious Workout...then...Sidelined

So my marvelous track workout was just that. Marvelous! I was 15 seconds faster on my 400 than just a few weeks ago. I felt the old joy of speedy running, of whipping around the track. Then it happened. Some tightness in the back of my left thigh in the final 200. My run home was hobbling.

I've tried to run in fits and starts all week long, thinking that it was getting better. What to do? Hubby suggested a full week's rest. I'm grumpy and pissed off. Why does this have to happen JUST when things start getting smooth?

But I'm also afraid that this is the beginning of bad things. Is this the start of a nagging injury that won't quit? Hubby again says that this will heal and go away. Ugh, I hope so.

Now for a week of ice, ibuprofen, rest and stretching. To be continued....


Stuart said...

RICE and plenty of it. When you think you're ready wait another day just in case, if it comes back again go see a Dr, don't be a martyr to the cause.

It's just a thing it will go away!

Marcy said...

It WILL heal, baby!! Just rest it :-)