Thursday, January 08, 2009

The New Schedule

Ouch. 4 x 800's on Tuesday night (plus warm up and cool down) nearly killed me. A few weeks off of intervals is deadly. Wednesday's easy 4-6 mile run turned out to be a painful, tired, huffy-puffy 3.5 mile. Yikes. it felt like 7 miles, but was ONLY 3.5. I'm just hoping that all of the quality work plus adequate rest will translate (quickly) into some decent speed and fitness.

So tonight will be pace intervals.... 2 x 1200m with maybe a 400 at the end and warm-up and cool down of course. I wish I could've done it this morning but the Hubby had to leave for work early in order to get his cycling in. It's all about teamwork if the two of us are going to keep in shape and get to our fitness goals!

Tomorrow will be another rest day (happy happy, joy joy).


Marcy said...

Oooohhh yikes! I hate jumping back into speed work after a break. Oh wait who am I kidding . . .I hate speed work no matter what HAHA