Friday, January 30, 2009

Recouperation and Something Really Gross

So how's that for a title?

I took the baby jogger with little N to go get Maya from school. I'm sorry to report to my East Coast friends that it was about 70 degrees and sunny yesterday here. I made a very careful foray into running and it was a good, but small success. There was some soreness and I did take it VERY easy, you could hardly call it a run. But I was out there and the leg did not seize up and stop me in my tracks. I just have to learn to be careful with my aging self.

During the day I noticed a lot of flies in the house. This did not bode well. I couldn't figure out where they were coming from. I couldn't smell anything bad....

At about 7 in the evening the stench began. Something was dead somewhere and it seemed to be emanating from the fireplace. I made the Hub check it out. There was fur sticking out from above the damper. Some poor squirrel met his untimely demise up there. There was no way that this was waiting until morning because the Creeping Death smell was slowly making it's way to the bedrooms. There was no way I was going to sleep thinking about that thing in there and how hideous the house was going to smell in the morning. So we spent the evening riding ourselves of a stinking carcass....well mostly the Hub did all the work because I did NOT want to get a good look at that thing. So much for our usual Thursday pizza night, at least The Office was a rerun so we didn't miss anything.

I'm just very thankful that there is nothing dead in the house today left for me to deal with.

I'll be heading out in the California sunshine in a few minutes for my run and Maya pickup. Wish me luck with the leg...I'm hoping that things go smoothly.


Stuart said...

eww. Oh well, better to find it now before you lit the fire!

Marcy said...

It's cool! We enjoyed a nice toasty 36 degrees today. Seriously it was nice HAHA!