Monday, April 06, 2009

Beautiful Weekend, Virtually No Running Though....

Well, sometimes it just happens that way when you have friends and relatives out to visit. And that's okay, I'll roll with it.

We celebrated an Auntie's birthday with a surprise party. The MIL came out to stay with us and we all had a blast. Today, the last day of the adventure we went on a great trail hike at the Edgewood Preserve.

Unfortunately the Hubby was laid out with a bad cold, that I'm hoping to avoid. So he missed the hike.

We saw a big rattlesnake on the trail. I trail volunteer warned us about it before we came up to it. So I walked up to it for a closer look. I thought I had the zoom on, but I guess not...I'll clean up the shot for a better look. She was a little perturbed about the trail clean-up guy...but ya know, it's her home.