Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Sunday After

I was feeling a bit outta sorts yesterday morning. Achy and a little sniffly. I just chalked it up to allergies. So I went for a run to shake it out. Same route as the morning before. I was a little slower and I didn't have any snap in my legs. But my head cleared up a little during the run so I hoped that I had either alleviated my allergies a bit or burned an impending cold out of my body.

Soon after coming back home I was feeling achier and stuffier. And it just got worse. I had a fever. So I headed off to bed.

But at least I got my run in for the day. Funny how runners think that way. I'd earned my rest because I had gotten my run in and was that much closer to getting faster, leaner and stronger. Even if I'd sent myself back to the sheets.

I was worried about loosing training time and being sick for days with another stupid cold. So I bundled up and started to pound down the fluids. I've found that for me at least drinking amazing amounts of fluid coupled with sleeping really turns things around.

On Easter morning I woke up with a suprisingly clear head. A very good sign since I get really crappy congested colds. My voice was a bit horse but as the morning is wearing on it's clearing up nicely.

I'm even considering a morning run tomorrow if I continue to improve at this pace. It will definitely be a shorter "clean out" run, but I think that this time it really will do the trick. :)


Anonymous said...

Good to read that you are feeling better already. A calm run is always a good way to get the rest of any illness out-of your system.

Have a good run!