Friday, April 10, 2009

Full Moon Morning

I woke up at about 4:30 this morning with a cat on my head. As much as I try to hide it, she instantly knows when I wake up and starts purring with the utmost pleasure. She then commenced kneeding my head and pillow with her paws and grooming my cheek with a rough tongue. It's all about love, so I just endured it until she decided to visit her bowl of kibbles.

Four-thirty seemed to early to get up so I hung in there for an hour, trying to catch a few z's but none were had. That was okay, I was totally awake. I got up and fumbled through my armoire for some running shorts, a long sleeved tee, bra, socks and my shoes. The older girl shuffled into our room and took my spot in bed, cuddled up next to her dada.

It was still dark when I stepped out onto the front porch at about 5:50 am. I was greeted by an indigo sky, calm, still air and an enormous moon that appeared to be nesting on a cushion of clouds.

A perfect beginning to the day.

I love running into the morning. It's great to start in the dark and come home in the light. I love the peacefulness, lack of cars and rushing people. I run faster and further in the mornings for some reason.

About five minutes out I noticed that the birds started singing. A chorus of finches, California towhees and some unidentifiable bird that carried on a rolling conversation with itself. Other than the birds all was still. I did not encounter another runner the entire run, which I found to be quite surprising. I only passed by one cyclist with a cyclops eye of a headlamp coming towards me in the half dark.

I returned home before 7 am refreshed and already well started into my day. One of the best things about a morning run is that you start out your day with an accomplishment. It's not so much getting that run out of the way, because, hopefully you enjoy it, it's making sure that you get that run in before the other parts of life get in the way.